Claudio Lotito: “I will leave Lazio to my son- An Arab offer of €600m? It’s worth double”


In an interview with Il Messaggero,  Lazio owner and president Claudio Lotito made it clear that he has no plans to sell the Roman club and has a clear vision for his successor: his son. The club has reportedly been of interest to investor in the Middle East, but speaking to the newspaper, Lotito was emphatic about his plans for Lazio:

“I’m not selling; I will leave it to my son, I repeat.”

The Lazio president also touched on the rumors of potential offers from Arab investors, providing his own valuation of the club: “There was talk of an Arab offer of 600 million euros? Apart from the fact that it’s not true, to me, this club is worth double that. There’s just 250 million in real estate assets alone, and I’m not even considering it.”

Lotito then turned his attention to the stadium: “We are finalizing the checks for the stadium project, and it won’t be long now.” He also commented on the planned protest by the Curva Nord, scheduled for Friday at 6:30 PM in front of the same sector of the Stadio Flaminio, where fans are set to express their dissatisfaction with the disappointing season and what they see as an unambitious technical project: “There is no signed statement about the protest, and no permissions have been requested from the police. Be careful not to incite hatred.”


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