Como’s Sporting Director Ludi: “We’re very advanced in talks for Belotti, agreement reached for Dossena”


Como sporting director Carlalberto Ludi confirmed that the club are very close to agreeing deals for Alberto Dossena and Andrea Belotti. Speaking with Sky Sport’s “Calciomercato L’Originale”, he discussed the newly promoted club’s transfer market activities, including some wild market rumours:

“Modric? We think about him every day because he’s an extraordinary champion, but a real negotiation never started. I have a good relationship with his agents, but we never seriously considered it. He recently renewed with Real Madrid. As for Hummels, we haven’t even thought about him.”

Regarding Andrea Belotti, Ludi expressed optimism: “We should be very, very advanced with Gallo (Belotti’s nickname). The official announcement will come through press releases, but we’re 100% optimistic.”

On the potential transfer of Alberto Dossena from Cagliari, Ludi stated: “It’s a bit more distant and complicated. We’re practically settled between clubs, but we need to talk a bit more with the player to make him understand the importance of the project and our ambition.”

Ludi also addressed the stadium situation: “As is public knowledge, we indicated Verona’s stadium because, as of June 4th – the deadline – we weren’t compliant. But at the same time, we aim to play in Como as much as possible. The work schedule indicates completion just before the championship starts. We hope to play in Como from the beginning or at most after a couple of matches.”

Finally, Ludi shared his thoughts on Italian football: “Our league has the greatest growth potential among the five top European leagues.”


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