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Contacts between Bayern and Juventus for Vlahovic


Juventus have already held talks with Bundesliga champions Bayern Munich regarding  the transfer of striker Dusan Vlahovic. The Serbian international has been linked with the Bavarians in recent weeks, with various reports claiming Bayern are looking at Vlahovic to lead their attacking line next season.

Goal Italia’s Romeo Agresti now reports that  Vlahovic could leave Juventus at the end of the season, with the odds of him departing this summer ‘on the rise’. Agresti points to the strikers poor season in Turin and Juve’s non-participation in the Champions League as possible reasons to hasten his exit, writing:

In recent weeks, Juventus has had initial contact with one of the teams most interested in the 23-year-old center forward, namely Bayern Munich. A chat that, according to the well-informed, would have highlighted a clear difference on the figures. In short, a bit like what happened a year ago on the Matthijs De Ligt front, with a transfer that went through with a slow fire.

And now? It remains to be seen whether or not Bayern’s new corporate course will decide to intensify the front. The feeling, and perhaps a little more, is that the Germans see Vlahovic as the potential right man in the right place. Although he is not the only idea at the moment, juxtaposing the parallel courtship of Eintracht’s Kolo Muani.

In short, the esteem is there and – in the coming weeks – new assessments should emerge that could lead Bayern to get serious. In fact, word from those parts is that the eventual director of the operation would be Thomas Tuchel. Who, for his part, would have great appreciation for the current Bianconeri number 9. Therefore, it would not be surprising if it were the coach himself who would push for a deal to be set up with the Old Lady.

And, in this regard, a meeting was staged in Munich this week to plan the upcoming moves to be proposed in the buying campaign. Moral of the story? DV’s candidacy has emerged strengthened.

Watch out also for interest from the Premier League: Chelsea and Manchester United in the piece. But, at this stage, they are not as much so as Bayern Munich.

And Juventus? They wait. Without haste and with the knowledge that they have an investment of about €80 million on their hands. That is precisely why at the Continassa they cannot afford any special discounts. A clear message already sent in the direction of Munich.


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