D’Aversa Hails Lecce’s Merited Victory


In a thrilling encounter between Lecce and Fiorentina that concluded 3-2, Roberto D’Aversa’s team secured a well-deserved victory with an incredible late-game turnaround. Trailing by a goal, the home team managed to stage a comeback, thanks to goals from Roberto Piccoli and Patrick Dorgu. D’Aversa shared his thoughts in a post-match interview with DAZN:

D’Aversa began by analyzing the match, stating, “It was a deserved victory, from the heart. It would have been tough to comment on another defeat after the performance of these players. Our fans are having fun. Our anger when we lose is also for them.”

“I see them work every day,” he continued, “I know how hard they push. Lately, they haven’t collected what they deserved. This end of the game has shown us that if we believe, we can achieve any result. It’s a young team, rich in future champions whose mistakes need to be accepted.”

Regarding Dorgu, D’Aversa expressed, “I don’t believe in the identity card. There are strong players and less strong ones; it’s a matter of categories. He will surely reach certain levels. I am happy for him and for the club. Banda? He has important characteristics.”


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