D’Aversa: ‘We can cause difficulties for anyone when we play our football…’


Roberto D’Aversa believes his Lecce side can cause problems for anyone following their latest 2-0 victory over Salernitana. The Giallorossi are now undefeated in their opening three matches of the Serie A season, having won two and drawn once, as well as a victory in the Coppa Italia.

Speaking in his post-match conference, D’Aversa talked about the positive start to their campaign which has included a victory over Lazio and a hard fought come-back draw against Fiorentina:

“The points after three matches? Let’s say they are points that bring us closer to our goal. The boys are showing great things and today was not easy after positive results with Lazio and Fiorentina, in Serie A there are no easy matches. We started strongly, for another 10 minutes we could have doubled and then we stopped playing. If we think about the complexity of the match, we won deservedly except for the ball possession”.

“Kristovic? I have to say that the owners and directors did well to bring in a centre forward who has shown he can score goals. He does this in any league but starting like this in Italy was not easy. Piccoli has also arrived and has done very well, the club has done well’.

“Comparisons with last year? I don’t like making them. Dorgu played in the Primavera last year and there are four others like him. The club believes in the youth sector and we made evaluations in training camp. There are Cagliari and Genoa who made important signings, we made a squad with two players per role: the championship is difficult and the victories of many have raised the average for survival in the league. The club has done well given this year’s championship, comparisons are useless. Rosters change, there was a break last year, comparisons are not part of my character. The squad is as competitive as the others are.”

“On the management of the cards more than on the players, I would speak first of the referee. Lovato should have been cautioned immediately. Banda took his chances. Kaba is a physical player, he risked it but Salernitana could have finished 7-8 goals down. Let’s look at the positives instead of the negatives. The break? I would have liked to continue. Many will leave and I will work with those who are there.”

“We will work on some aspects, certainly on ball management, we must have more courage and personality in playing. If we play football we put anyone in trouble, if we give it away we get into trouble.”

“I said it this summer. There is no payback. I don’t like talking about my past, I started coaching not long ago. At Parma I did important things and with Samp we scored goals. I’m pleased, I wanted to work in the south where there is passion. I played but didn’t coach. Being at home for a year and a half is not easy after 35-36 years in football. I’ve recharged my batteries enough.

“We stopped playing too early. In the lead we have to keep playing, we have outfielders who are good in depth and even though structured strikers have arrived before playing a long ball I would like them to attack us and we have to improve. We will do that with time. I demand it. In football you have to play with courage. As long as we played a clean ball at the back it was fine, when we were countered we had difficulties.

“We have to be good at keeping it at bay. All of us. It is right that there is enthusiasm, we work better during the week but enthusiasm should not be conceit. We are the youngest in the league and we must not misinterpret matches. We know our path.”

“Rafia and Kaba out? Kaba was already cautioned and they whistled a foul against us, I reasoned on that fact and we were losing distance. I thought of putting in Gonzalez, he has always played, and Blin, who gives balance. I used him as a defender and I benefited from his characteristics so much that I moved Ramadani to full-back.”


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