De Laurentiis wants Serie A TV rights to go to Apple


Napoli President Aurelio De Laurentiis met with Apple CEO Tim Cook in Naples and reportedly discussed Serie A TV rights being passed to Apple. A special meeting was staged yesterday, where the CEO of the well-known iPhone manufacturer received an honorary degree in Innovation and International Management from Federico II University.

Il Corriere dello Sport report that during the visit, Cook and De Laurentiis talked with the Napoli President pushing to have Apple enter the Serie A TV rights game in view of a three-year period for 2024-2027. Apple have already entered the world of football broadcasting, purchasing MLS rights in the United States of America.

The topic of TV rights,is heating up precisely because in recent days the guidelines for the allocation of the 2024-2027 cycle were approved.

Having obtained the green light from Agcom – which takes about 60 days – the call for bids will proceed. The goal of Serie A President Casini and CEO De Siervo is to accelerate from the last assignment, and the hope is to involve more operators, not just Sky and DAZN.


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