De Laurentiis Working on Bari’s Sale: Three Interested Groups


Luigi De Laurentiis, son of Napoli’s owner, has been actively engaging with a significant American investment fund for weeks to facilitate the sale of Bari, the football club owned by the De Laurentiis family. The De Laurentiis family currently holds ownership of two football clubs in Italy – Napoli, presided over by father Aurelio, and Bari, led by Luigi, who successfully guided the Puglian club from Serie D to Serie B promotion. The sale of the club seems imminent, particularly to avoid the risk of violating federal rules on multi-ownership.

As reported by La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno (via Calcioefinanza), current regulations require the De Laurentiis family to divest ownership of at least one of the two clubs by June 30, 2028. This decision might need to be expedited if Bari secures promotion to Serie A, as two teams sharing the same ownership cannot compete in the same league. It is noteworthy that by the end of the 2027/28 season, multi-ownership in Italy will be prohibited.

To seize opportunities and prevent a forced sale, Luigi De Laurentiis has been in talks with representatives of a significant American investment fund for several months. There is also consideration for a gradual entry of new partners, ready to acquire the entire shareholding in the event of promotion to Serie A.

However, in the last few hours, two new Italian interests have emerged. One is in the early stages, while the other has piqued the curiosity of the De Laurentiis family, prompting further discussions with this new contender. The identities of the interested parties and the financial details of the operation remain confidential. Still, according to some rumors, this entity possesses significant economic power and hails from central Italy, potentially involving the collaboration of well-known former football players.

Negotiations are expected to continue in the coming weeks, both with the American fund and the Italian entity. A decision regarding Bari’s future—whether an immediate sale or increased investments to propel the club to Serie A before bidding it farewell—is anticipated by the end of the season.


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