De Rossi

De Rossi: “I Was Fortunate to Find This Opportunity”


Roma coach Daniele De Rossi says it’s crucial for his team to win every match as they bid to make the top four in May. The Giallorossi have looked a different side since the former midfielder took over from José Mourinho, helping propel the club into the quarter-finals of the Europa League. A routine 1-0 win over Sassuolo has made Champions League football a realistic objective, and speaking after the match, De Rossi spoke about the importance of captain Lorenzo Pellegrini, and why he feels ‘fortunate; to be in charge of his boyhood club:

“It’s crucial to win them all. We started this chase to recover points from others, and we can’t afford to stop. When you win many games, it’s normal to struggle in some. We were less brilliant, and we won thanks to the brilliance of a great champion.”

The Roma coach then continued to praise Pellegrini: “I can’t complain about him (laughs). He’s the captain of Roma, and it’s not easy, especially if you’re Roman because in difficult moments, you’re targeted. He carries this weight with incredible serenity and maturity. It’s not easy; just wearing the armband doesn’t make you a captain. I left a young man and found a captain. A player that few have.”

Regarding Champions League ambitions, De Rossi stated: “I think Roma has a team to fight for the Champions League; we must compete with others. Football is not just about numbers and transfer costs; just look at Bologna. If we are the first not to believe, it’s difficult to earn points.”

In conclusion, De Rossi recounted: “I’ve been part of strong Roma squads where we set points records and often finished second. In these journeys, there were also these types of games, where you didn’t dominate, but individuals saved you. We had many opportunities to close it earlier, and not winning would have been a blow during the break. I’ve been fortunate to find this job opportunity that I didn’t earn with results in my previous experiences. I must thank players and the club who believed in me immediately. Receiving these expressions of affection in a different role leaves you deeply touched.”


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