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De Rossi: “I’m working well with Ghisolfi, and it’s a stroke of luck”


Roma manger Daniele De Rossi shared insights into his relationship with new sporting director Florent Ghisolfi: ‘We’re working well’.  Speaking at the “Coach Experience” event in Rimini, De Rossi expressed gratitude for their successful collaboration, emphasizing the diverse backgrounds they come from@

“We are working well, and it’s a stroke of luck,” De Rossi remarked. “We didn’t know each other before. We speak two different languages, although we communicate in English. Anything could have happened, but fortunately, we’ve clicked well: Ghisolfi, his collaborator Simone, Lina, Maurizio, and all the people who have already worked with me.”

De Rossi also shed light on recent discussions about the team’s objectives and future direction. “Yesterday, we had a long and productive meeting about our goals and what our future will look like,” he stated. “Maybe in 10 years, I’ll take a vacation and step away from Rome for a while, but for now, I want to be there. I need it.”

Regarding his expectations for the upcoming season, De Rossi emphasized the importance of instilling positive attitudes and behaviors on the field. “I try to instill the team with attitude and positive behaviors on the field,” he explained. “The concept of hunger is generic, but if we start from the desire to be better than we have been, that’s the right foundation. I cannot accept anything less than what we have seen in magical evenings like Roma-Lazio, Roma-Brighton, Roma-Milan, and Milan-Roma, both in attitude and performance.”


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