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Del Piero: ‘Di Maria is extraordinary’


Juventus legend Alessandro Del Piero was blown away by Angel Di Maria’s performance in the Bianconeri’s 3-0 win over Nantes: ‘He is extraordinary.’ The Argentine winger scored all three goals, including a sensational first-time curled effort that he bent around the keeper from an impossible angle.

Speaking in the Sky Sport Italia studio after the match, Del Piero recounted his first meeting with Di Maria, why he was so essential to Argentina’s World Cup winning team and the important difference the Argentine is making to Juve’s season:

“We had a free-kick challenge this summer during Juventus’ tour. Who won? I have to say that it ended in a draw, but then we also spoke during the World Cup. What kind of guy is he? I didn’t get to know him in depth, but the impression is of a very concrete guy, which is also part of his game. He takes risks, but he goes for concreteness.

“He takes risks because he is a player of personality, he takes shots at any time and creates space on the pitch, he also takes risks because he goes the one-on-one against the opposition; when you have a guy like that in the team, it gives you this additional option.

“If Argentina won the World Cup final it is because of the left-footed players, the number 10 (Messi), that of Di Maria and that of the goalkeeper who parried shots, all with their left feet.

“At this moment, this left-footer is extraordinary. Today he reached a maturity where he could play wherever he wants on the pitch, he has an incredible technical ability, he has this short stride, he is quick, and combined with such a technique, you become almost unmarkable.”


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