Del Piero

Del piero: ‘Italian football has become boring, because the level has dropped’


Juventus legend Alessandro Del Piero believes Italian football has become ‘boring’ because the level has dropped. The World Cup winner was speaking with Il Corriere della Sera about the recent changes to the Italian national team and explained why he believes there’s been a shift in quality in recent years:

“On the (Roberto) Mancini discourse I can only say, living abroad for so long, that, in general, we really made a bad impression.”

“There is a desire on the part of the Saudi world to have its say on football: they are getting organised, they have incredible funds and this, let’s be honest, helps their project. Sometimes it is really difficult to say no, sometimes you can succeed.

“It depends, it also depends on what each person is looking for. The data is clear. Football in Italy has become boring, because the level has dropped, compared to the past. Here the strongest, the greatest came to play, everyone wanted to compete here. Now the strongest, the greatest, go and play in the Premier League, La Liga, even France or Germany. Not here.”

“That is true for us. But in England football is not boring, In my opinion, other factors also count in this disaffection. Firstly, the irruption of technology. Phones, video games have a level of satisfaction of the need for entertainment that is incomparable to that of my childhood. The digital society makes us live better, but it takes away our creativity.”


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