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Del Piero: ‘Pogba would be amazing for Juventus’


Juventus legend Alessandro Del Piero believes Paul Pogba’s return to the club could be ‘amazing’ for the Bianconeri. The French midfielder is reportedly very close to announcing his return to the club where he spent four seasons, winning the Serie A title four times in a row.

Speaking to ESPN FC on BT Sport, Del Piero was asked to give his thoughts on Pogba’s potential move back to Juventus.

It would be amazing for Juventus. It’s the part of field they need most, the midfield. This is focus of the upcoming season.

Pogba, it depends what he wants to do. If he wants to go a club where they love him, of course go back to Juve. If he wants to do something else, fight for the Champions League straight away in the first year, maybe he is going to choose another club, lets see.

In this case it would be a different Pogba. The first was a young guy protected by Pirlo, Vidal and Marchisio, all the old guys, they let him grow, very good by the way. In this case it would be the opposite. He would be the guy all the midfielders have to follow in everything, so it will be a different responsibility.

The experience at Manchester United was huge for him, he went through a lot of stuff, he grew up a lot as a human being and a football playing, but it will be a different kind of Pogba.”


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