Di Canio criticizes Leao: “Vinicius is hungry, unlike those who prioritize rap”


Former Milan forward Paolo Di Canio has launched a new attack on winger Rafa Leao, questioning his commitment. Speaking on Sky Sport about Real Madrid’s victory over Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League final, Di Canio praised Vinicius Junior, who scored once again in a crucial match and played a decisive role for the Spanish giants. While Di Canio did not mention Leao by name, his comparison between the Brazilian and the Portuguese player was evident:

“Do you understand the mentality, hunger, and anger of Vinicius? Surely, he has his hobbies, he has fun with friends, and he plays PlayStation like other guys his age, but he doesn’t prioritize finishing training quickly to record rap songs for eight hours, making that a priority over playing. I don’t have anything against anyone, but it’s a waste of energy regardless. You need to rest and regenerate.”

Even without directly naming the Milan player, it was clear Di Canio was referring to Leao, whom he has previously criticized. Leao, also known for his music career, has already released two albums, “Beginning” and “My Life in Each Verse.”


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