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Di Laurentiis: ‘We could have won Serie A sooner, but we won the Scudetto of honesty’


Napoli President Aurelio De Laurentiis believes his team could have begun a winning cycle sooner, but they have now won the ‘Scudetto of honesty.’ The Partenopei patron was speaking ahead of Napoli’s match against Udinese on Thursday (as quoted by CalcioeFinanza) and seemed to intimate that forces outside his control had kept the club from beginning a winning cycle sooner than they have, while also explaining the revised celebrations for the inevitable title celebrations:

“I won the scudetto of honesty. We have been winning for years, we could have won others and it is as if we had won them but constant irregularity sometimes held us back.”

“There are years In which we came second and could have come first. We could have won other championships, but we definitely won those of honesty, because I know that to live we have to follow the rules, whether we like it or not.”

“I join the Mayor’s thanks to the Neapolitan people, the Neapolitans showed great maturity last Sunday, we had prepared celebrations, we were ready, Paolo Sorrentino and I, to take the pitch, however unfortunately we had to postpone. Then it occurred to me, given the limitation of the guest sector when going on away trips, to initiate an implementation of the two existing screens at the Maradona with eight more screens, one for each sector: these are additional screens where we can broadcast the Udine game live. We had to institute a symbolic price of €5 , identical for each sector, sales are starting for subscribers.”

“It is clear that after deducting the costs, the economic result will be donated to charity, it is clear that the Questore and Prefect have initiated an implementation of security services, and it is clear that we all hope to accompany Napoli to the coveted goal. It is also clear that that mini party that was scheduled last Sunday, we will repeat it next Sunday with Fiorentina.”


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