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Di Lorenzo agent: ‘Conte’s arrival at Napoli won’t change his decision: He wants to leave’


The agent of Napoli captain Giovanni Di Lorenzo has once again confirmed that his client wants to leave the club this summer. Mario Giuffredi had previously stated that there was a lack of confidence in his client from the Napoli management, prompting a potential move. There was a suggestion that Antonio Conte’s arrival in Naples might help convince him to stay, but speaking at the AEG Trophy, Giuffredi once again reiterated his clients desire to leave:

How is Di Lorenzo?

“He’s been resting these days. As for everything else, you’ve read and heard my statements, which reflect not only my thoughts but also those of the player. We’re standing by my previous declarations without deviation.”

Could things change with Conte?

“The tactical or technical aspects, or even who the coach is, are irrelevant. Decisions are made based on numerous dynamics outside of football. I’m happy Conte is joining Napoli, as he’s the right medicine for the team, and it’s an honor for players to be coached by him. However, Conte’s arrival doesn’t affect Di Lorenzo’s decision, which was formed over the season and reached its conclusion.”

Can a call from Conte change your mind?

“My relationships with Napoli remain important and friendly, despite past disagreements. However, Di Lorenzo’s case is unique. It’s the player’s decision, and I believe his cycle at Napoli is over. Maintaining good relations is crucial, but fulfilling the player’s requests is my priority.”

Your explanation for the substitution and boos during Napoli-Lecce?

“I turn the question to you: Di Lorenzo was never substituted until three minutes before the end of the last game, especially the day after the news of his intention to leave Napoli. To me, the coach played along with someone’s agenda. Who? That’s for you to decide.”

Your relationship with Giovanni Manna?

“I’ve known Manna for a long time; he’s a highly evolved professional and the right fit for Napoli. He’ll have to adapt to the role of Sporting Director at Napoli, which is different from other positions, but he has the qualities to succeed, having worked at Juventus and gained extensive market knowledge.”

Your relationship with De Laurentiis?

“My relationship with the president is one of love and hate. We both have our moments, but differing views on Di Lorenzo don’t affect our good relations. I believe I’ve done a lot for Napoli, sometimes beyond my role, but that doesn’t mean differing opinions should harm the relationship. I will always care for the president, despite past and potential future arguments. My duty is to protect my clients.”

Di Lorenzo has a long contract, and Napoli must decide whether to sell him. How to resolve this?

“Contracts are not set in stone. Mario Rui, for instance, has two years left, but Napoli asked me to move him. Should I insist he stays? Contracts are agreements but not life sentences. Football teaches us never to keep unwilling players, as shown last season.”

Is Politano central to the project?

“There have been no issues with Politano; he remains at Napoli.”


“Folorunsho is a player Napoli values highly. His future is with Napoli. Among my clients, some will continue playing for Napoli, and relations don’t break down if one wants to leave.”

Gaetano’s future?

We need to discuss this as we await the new coach’s views. Gaetano is at a crossroads: either Napoli commits to him, or he’ll be transferred.”

Napoli’s Response

Following Mario Giuffredi’s statements, SSC Napoli issued a direct rebuttal via social media: “SSC Napoli notes with surprise that, once again, Mario Giuffredi claims Giovanni Di Lorenzo will leave Napoli. We must underline that Di Lorenzo has a contract with Napoli for four more seasons and is not among the players the club will consider transferring. Therefore, his departure is out of the question.”

Giuffredi’s Counter-Response

In response to the club’s statement, Mario Giuffredi issued a further communication:

“I acknowledge the note from SSC Napoli, issued in the President’s name. I remind everyone, including De Laurentiis, that our actions and decisions stem from his statements. On May 19, during the press conference for the Dimaro-Castel Di Sangro double training camp, the president publicly declared that all players, including Di Lorenzo, were available for transfer. He said, ‘Everyone is transferable; let’s see who wants to buy them.’ Following these declarations, the new sporting director, Giovanni Manna, held individual meetings with all team members, reiterating that Di Lorenzo could be transferred if a suitable offer came in. How can De Laurentiis now backtrack so drastically after less than two weeks? Words can hurt more than a slap, and this inconsistency damages trust. This statement is pure incoherence, directly contradicting public assertions. To De Laurentiis, I say that in life, one cannot always go back on their words, as players, including Di Lorenzo, have sensitivities beyond football. I will continue to work towards securing Di Lorenzo’s departure from Napoli.”


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