Di Marzio: “Allegri has no chance of staying at Juventus – Thiago Motta has already given availability”


Sky Sport Italia journalist Gianluca Di Marzio says there’s no chance of Max Allegri remaining at Juventus, with Thiago Motta ready to take over. The transfer pundit was speaking to Sky Sport Italia (as quoted by tuttoJuve) yesterday evening, and shared his thoughts on the managerial situation in Turin, suggesting that Allegri is ready to leave this summer:

Allegri’s successor? 

“I know that Thiago Motta is the chosen one, but if Thiago changes his mind or communicates something different to Bologna, I’m not inside his head.”

Does Allegri have any chance of staying at Juventus?

“As far as I know, no. But he also understands it. He knows very well that the club is making market evaluations without involving him, Calafiori, Di Gregorio, Zirkzee… they are not planning the future together. If a club negotiates with players without discussing it with the current coach, it’s because they’re evidently talking to another coach, which is within their rights. Then, if there’s a way to find a formal solution… because Allegri still has a year left on his contract and will need to be paid whether he stays at home or finds another bench, it will be a different economic matter. And Thiago Motta has not yet informed Bologna that he won’t stay.”

Is everything hanging on Thiago Motta’s response?

“I know that Thiago Motta has expressed willingness, but it still needs to be formalized, because it’s not even the right time, because Bologna is also playing its history, aiming for the Champions League.”

If Thiago Motta stays at Bologna, is there an alternative?

“I don’t think Juventus is currently considering alternatives because they believe Thiago Motta will eventually arrive. Then if there is an alternative, I don’t know it.”

If he leaves Turin, where does Allegri go?

“In the first round, it’s unlikely he’ll return, because he’s not on Napoli’s list, I don’t believe Milan either, not so far; abroad, the mosaic of benches is gradually taking shape, there would remain Manchester United where I don’t think Ten Hag will stay. But he has always been very reluctant to go abroad, also for family reasons. It’s possible he won’t return in the first round.”


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