Dionisi: ‘We are superficial sometimes’


Sassuolo boss Alessio Dionisi spoke about the ‘superficial’ nature of his teams’ football at times during their 2-1 loss to Torino. The Neroverdi are winless in their last five Serie A matches, something Dionisi addressed in his post-match interview with DAZN:

“We lacked some spirit. We made mistakes technically, because we sent Torino more on goal than Torino actually did themselves. On counters we played horizontally and conceded goals. The approach was not ideal, you manage to stay in the game, in the second half we put ourselves in trouble, we won it back but if we then concede counters on our mistakes it hurts, it bothers me. I am angry.”

“It’s peculiar to think that six points we took against Juve and Inter deservedly, I think I’m not being proven wrong. We have to do mea culpa, not just me because it’s just mental. It seems that we don’t want to defend with the same attention because you can’t be one team with the ball and one without. The mea culpa, I need to do it and we all have to do it because we are superficial.

“Honestly it seems that the pitch doubles up against teams superior to ours but inferior to the two mentioned above. Technically we prepare for them the same way. Then we can do better, yes, it is the coach’s demerit, too.

“At a certain point we made the corrections like we tried to make with Juve. We are talking about two important teams but Juve is Juve. With Juve we defended well, today we didn’t. Credit to Torino, we attacked little in the spaces but because we didn’t play the right game without the ball. Afterwards it’s difficult if you play horizontally when you have to play forward, if you complain when you get fouled and they don’t whistle it. That’s not the attitude and that attitude is not there when we play certain games. And that makes me more than angry. Of course, I don’t back down. The coach has merits and demerits.”

“Crisis? Surely we could have done better in these eleven games. Then it is up to us to show that we are not in crisis. They are a team built for the top half of the standings. If you are not in for games you risk going into a crisis. For u,s we are not because we have technical and human values but we are light. Today we paid for being presumptious.”


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