Douglas Costa on potential Juve return: ‘No player in the world can refuse Juventus’


Former Juventus winger Douglas Costa has addressed reports that he could make a return to Turin: ‘No player in the world can refuse Juventus’. The 33-year-old spent three seasons with the Bianconeri before returning to Bayern Munich in 2020. Two seasons with LA Galaxy ended with the player being released at the end of his contract, leaving him a free agent for the moment.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with TuttoJuve, Costa suggested he would be more than willing to return to Juve, if the option were there:

Your adventure with LA Galaxy has just ended. What memories do you have of your experience in America?

“It was an incredible experience, it’s a very competitive league that grows every year. I will definitely treasure the good times I had and played in the United States, especially the love that the fans gave me.

The time has definitely come for a new challenge. Would you like to play in Europe again?

“Look, honestly, in my career I have always been driven by challenges, so anywhere I go, I will definitely be motivated to be there. That’s what motivates me to give my best. I’ve been following the development of the Arab championship, it’s definitely a place that impresses me with all the projects and developments they are already putting into practice and will continue to grow in the coming years. Without a doubt it is something crazy that I would love to be a part of one day.”

The Arab championship is convincing many of you to go there. But since you were recently approached by Tuttojuve about Juventus, is that an option you would consider?

“No player in the world can refuse Juventus. It is the club of my heart, which I love and I would certainly never deny a call from the club. What I want most right now is to be there fighting to return to the glory days, because I know that together with our fans it would be possible to do that! And it is at the highest level that Juventus must always be.

Interesting answer. So, to understand it better, you would accept an offer from Juventus even if it is no longer the same team you used to play for? Juventus is a club in reconstruction, no longer winning as in your era.

“Of course yes, and there is a reason why: apart from the challenge of bringing the club back among the best in the world, I support Juventus and no player can ever say no to them. I repeat, no player in the world can refuse an offer from them. Juve is one of the biggest teams in the world and when the phone rings, you can’t think about it too much. You have to accept as quickly as possible! Wearing those colours means leaving blood at every training session and every game. Because Juventus is a family, a team of warriors, a team born to be champions every year.”

What do you think about Juve today?

“I always follow every game they play, I don’t miss one. Mister Allegri is one of the most special coaches I have worked with, I have so much affection, gratitude and respect for him. He, as always, gives his all every day for Juventus, because he’s a coach who gives so much regardless of the circumstances.”

I can tell you that the news published yesterday by Tuttojuve met with a lot of response from the fans. Many of them, for example, were enthusiastic about the idea of your return. Speaking of which, what memories do you have of your experience at Juventus?

‘I thank them infinitely, I carry every fan in my heart. The moments in Turin were unforgettable, but who knows what the future may hold. Maybe we will be there together to write other victorious chapters in this history. It would certainly be a dream to return to the family. Fino Alla Fine!”.

Let’s rewind the tape of memories for a moment, why did you choose Juventus in 2017? I remember you had other offers at the time.

“Yes at the time there were several offers, but even then I had no doubts about the choice to make. The decision to make was really very simple.”

One of the best games you played was definitely Real Madrid 1-3 Juventus, very unlucky in terms of the result. Was that match, the way it ended, one of your career regrets?

“It was definitely a match that was negatively marked because we could have achieved our goal, we played a great game but unfortunately football sometimes goes like that. It was, however, a great pity.”


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