Dumfries apologises for Hernandez banner


Inter’s Denzel Dumfries has spoken out about the banner depicting Inter’s defender Theo Hernandez with the body of a dog, which has led to an official investigation by the Federal Prosecutor’s Office.

Just hours after the incident occurred during the celebrations for Inter’s 20th Serie A title, the Dutch footballer took to his Instagram page to issue an apology.

“During the parade, I held up a banner displaying an inappropriate image: I am a player who loves rivalry in football, it’s a crucial part of any game. I realize that holding up the banner was a judgment error on my part and not at all smart. Let’s focus on what has been the most incredible season for Inter Milan. Thank you again for all your support this season, and for yesterday’s celebrations, I will never forget them.”

Dumfries’ message concludes: “Yesterday was the most beautiful day for me, all the players, and everyone at the club. Thank you so much to the fans who showed up in thousands at the parade. It was a great feeling to celebrate with all of you, it meant a lot to the team.”


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