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Dynamo Kiev 0 -2 Juventus (CL Player Ratings)


Szczesny –

Only had one half serious save to make in the whole 93 minutes of game time, dealt with everything else with ease. 6

Chiellini –

I expected to find Chiellini more injured than available this season as the old chap’s body is no longer reliable for regular first team action. Barely lasted a fine 20 minutes. N/A

Demiral –

Brutal scissor scythe assault to earn his yellow and in the process prevent any chance of a counter-attack which I can’t help but put down as a positive, as we have long needed some more bite in the side. Unprepared to enter the fray so early, but found his feet quickly, and gave a solid shift thereafter. Never a great creator on the ball, its best to ask of him to keep it simple and look for more technical players, which generally he does. 6.5

Bonucci –

Best showing of the season, never looking anything other than composed and in control. Welcome to find no errors in his game. Must say that he was barely tested but met all situations comfortably. 6.5

Danilo –

The quiet, steady force at the back under Pirlo so far. Deployed in an curious LCB role he had more work to do on occasion than Demiral (who had slotted in at RCB after the captain’s injury) as Chiesa naturally gets forward constantly and has little presence near or behind the half way line. Kept the home side quiet with a careful, experienced display. 7

Bentancur –

Disappointing throughout. The Uruguayan seemed sloppy, earned his trademark yellow and was rarely in tune with his team-mates. Still, the least we get from him is a physical display and he is very hard indeed to simply run through so offers presence in front of the defence. 5.5

Rabiot –

More interested and involved than his partner in the alleged double pivot, the curly haired giant remains in dynamic form in the middle of the field, swashbuckling interceptions, showing good pace and energy, yet for me lacking sound decision-making in the final third. 6.5

Ramsey –

Demonstrated a few touches of class, putting Juan in behind the defence, testing the keeper on his left peg with a snapshot and of course playing a cunning back-heel in the build-up to our first goal. Still finding his wavelength with an ever changing team, but more promising signs from the welshman. 6.5

Chiesa –

The new signing was as ever a ball of energy, full of running and very direct when he received the ball. His confidence in taking players on and awareness to pick out attackers in the box is already proving valuable as he was very much involved for the opener, beating the fullback to drive into the 18 yard area to create. Still not convinced we can afford to play so attacking a player in ostensibly a WB role against better opposition, but the wide forward is certainly potent cutting in on his right foot from the left and was unlucky not to add a goal to his performance. 6.5

Juan –

Far more adept and experienced in covering the flank, created the second for Morata to make the result safe late on, before which he was a bit hit and miss as were most the Juve players. Still has that ability to create at least 1-2 great chances per game which remains hugely important in such scrappy and tight encounters. 7


A little lost for long stretches and it seems that he is not quite sure of his position having played SS, RM and in this one a hybrid between the two, the Swede was too often isolated. Still, his shot was blocked for the chance which fell to Morata and I just hope we can work out how to get him more involved as I feel he is wasted in this new role. 6

Morata –

Could have had a hatrick at the weekend and two more goals tonight. 1st half was one to forget as nothing seemed to stick, though he did not have great support and was often outnumbered. The goal early doors after the restart put a spring in his step and he took the second with great confidence and movement. 7.5

Dybala –

Other than one attempt to work his way into a shooting opportunity in the 18 yard box, La Joya achieved very little. A run-out for legs lacking sharpness in a game where we had a lead to protect and were content to control the game often at a pedestrian pace. 5.5

Arthur, Freddy – NA

Pirlo –

His choices on both flanks led to both of our goals. The substitutions were intelligent and well timed. Defence resolute.

Plenty of evidence on offer that we remain very much a work in progress, which is no surprise given we are yet to field a settled side two games on the trot and have a fair few players missing who will be in or around the first XI when available.

Regardless of the perceived lack of adventure of the home side, the coach deserves credit for achieving a comfortable 0-2 victory away to one of the trickier sides in Eastern Europe. We never looked in any trouble, created a fair few other chances to score and kept our opponents to one half chance in the 92nd minute as their total threat.

A long trip, clean sheet and three points. It would be unreasonable to whine.

Bravo Andrea. 7.5