Elkann: ‘Allegri contributed to making us win a lot, let’s hope he continues’


Juventus patron John Elkann hopes that coach Max Allegri adds to the many trophies he’s already won with the Bianconeri. The club are preparing to celebrate 100 years of Agnelli ownership this week and have a number of events planned, including the unveiling of a new trophy room. Speaking at the event, Elkann explained the importance of the Agnelli family relationship with the Old Lady, and why he hopes to continue winning with Allegri at the helm:

“Here, there are 83 trophies, 82 won with my family. There is a great past, but also a great present and a great future.

“Our coach has contributed to many successes, which we hope will continue. We have always felt a sense of responsibility towards the fans, the commitment on our part has always been there, there is and will be there.

“The hope is to share all the positive aspects together, also making our entire country grow. Juventus has always been the backbone of our national team, Spalletti also values ​​our work and that of our NextGen. We hope to win more with Max Allegri, we’re counting on him.”

“On Saturday we won the derby and I saw great enthusiasm at the Stadium, returned ‘alive’ with chants and flags for the first time after Covid . I’m happy about it and now let’s prepare for the future.”


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