Elkann says ‘No thanks’ to Ceferin: Proceed with SuperLega at any cost


Exor CEO John Elkann reportedly turned down the opportunity to negotiate with UEFA president Aleksander Čeferin regarding Juve’s inclusion in the Superleague project. The Bianconeri are one of the three hold-out clubs who have pushed ahead with the Super League project, along with Barcelona and Real Madrid. The aim being to introduce a new European competition that includes teams from the top five leagues, with a more even discribution of the revenue generated.

Bianconeranews report that the ‘table is set’ for the (re)birth of the SuperLega with a new format, an incorporated and organized company (A22 Sports) and a CEO, Bernd Reichart. But, above all, a very rich fund (€800 million or so) managed by JPMorgan that keeps in touch with many investors waiting for good news by summer.

The next important step is expected to come from the answer of the European Court of Justice in the second or third week of July when it will have to rule on UEFA’s “dominant” role. The answer that SuperLega organizers expect is confirmation that in order for a new European competition to be officially born, it should not be necessary to obtain clearance from UEFA, which would then have a dominant position, ‘a kind of authorized monopoly’ that could be challenged by antitrust; otherwise, and thus in the event that the European Court of Justice gives the green light to the birth of any other sports organization, the SuperLega would take the next decisive steps toward a birth that could take place, at best, within two years.

Bianconeranews report that an attempt was made by UEFA a few months ago to reach an agreement with Juventus and owner John Elkann. Ceferin is said to have asked the Bianconeri to give up on the Super League in order to obtain a possible discount on the penalty that UEFA is about to impose on Juventus.

The Juve news site point to yhe comments of Evelina Christillin, a UEFA member, who recently spoke candidly about Juventus being out of the cups next year because of ‘less than excellent relations with UEFA given the club’s presence still in the SuperLega organization.’ Bianconeranews claim their source told them that Elkann did not even sit down to talk it over with Ceferin, as the Bianconeri will continue with the Super League at any cost.

Ceferin’s increasingly pressing and forceful attempts and the resistance, transformed in the case of Juventus and Barcelona into resilience, by the founding clubs are a ‘clear sign that the Super League will happen and it will be the end of UEFA,’  claim Bianconeranews.


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