Enzo Raiola: “Milan didn’t want to keep Donnarumma – If it were today, he would still be there”


Gigi Donnarumma’s agent Enzo Raiola says his client didn’t want to leave Milan: “There wasn’t a strong desire to finalize the renewal agreement.” The Azzurri goalkeeper ended up making a high profile move to Paris Saint-Germain, but speaking with Calciomercato, Raiola explained the reasons behind the switch:

Is it true that as a youngster, he could have joined Inter?

“Inter, Juve… anywhere. Everyone wanted him. He was promised to another club, but he was waiting for Milan’s call. Bianchessi forced the move, and Galliani believed in him. That’s how we sealed the deal.”

Is it true that Juventus pursued him in subsequent years?

“There were always rumors, and he was probably a target at certain moments, but they never made any concrete attempts.”

After winning Euro 2021 with Gigio, you went to Sardinia to visit Berlusconi. Can you tell us about that?

“I often have faded memories of the past, but that day was unforgettable. As soon as we arrived, they gave us a tour of the Villa Certosa estate. Outside the main residence, Berlusconi and his partner Marta were waiting for us. The president hugged us, we went out to the terrace for lunch, and then we listened to some music with Maestro Apicella. I even have a CD they gifted us at home.”

What were the reasons behind the breakup with Milan?

“During that period, we had transitioned from the Berlusconi era to a club that struggled to carry out a project. Gigio had a career ahead of him, and staying in that context wasn’t the right choice. If the current Milan, with the Champions League showcase, had existed at that time, I think he would have stayed, and we’d be telling a different story. But that wasn’t the only reason we left.”

What happened?

“We had the perception that the club didn’t want to keep Donnarumma; there wasn’t a strong desire to finalize the renewal agreement.”

Will he return to Serie A in the future?

“Football is beautiful because it’s unpredictable; anything can happen. Today, I see it as difficult, but never say never.”


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