Fabio Miretti v Spezia – Scouting report by J Analyst

The following is a scouting report of new Juventus midfielder Fabio Miretti by J Analyst – please follow him here on Twitter.

Fabio Miretti:

Pros: Off the ball movement between the lines

Miretti 1

Finding space

Finding space requires both vision and awareness, and Miretti possesses both due to his consistent scanning (checking over his shoulder) and all-round game intelligence.

For a player to master finding spaces, his reference points are:

  • Ball
  • Teammates
  • Opponents
  • Space

Filling Space

  • After finding space Miretti doesn’t hesitate to fill in that space he found earlier

Body Orientation

  • Body orientation is how the player positions his body to receive the ball. Miretti possesses a flexible body orientation thanks to his agility and anticpation.

Relating all principles together

  • The last phase is to connect the technical activity to the context of the game after a player has performed all the principles mentioned earlier. Miretti has a brilliant first touch which makes him a strong player when it comes to off the ball movements.

Cons: Dwells on the ball rather than looking for passing options

Miretti 2

  • I think this is one of most negative traits that Miretti possesses right now – he has not improved his passing, especially through ball. Once he improves his passing game as well as his vision after receiving the ball, he will be a lethal weapon for Juventus in the final third as well as attacking transitions.

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