Fabrizio Romano: Juventus could sell Chiesa this summer


According to reports from Fabrizio Romano and Calciomercato, the gap between Federico Chiesa and Juventus continues to widen. There has been no movement towards reconciliation, and with each passing day, the chances of the two sides finding common ground diminish further.

Calciomercato detail how today is ‘not a day for decisions but rather a moment for reflection, for gathering ideas and offers. ‘There is a calculated risk that this stalemate might persist for quite some time, as long as the European Championships are at the forefront of Chiesa’s mind. Consequently, the club must accept the idea of waiting before making any moves.

Chiesa reportedly wants to determine his future without any pressure or haste. Regardless, both the winger and Juventus feel more distant from each other. There has been a general slowdown in their relationship, affecting thoughts, connections, and the desire to continue together, which has always been tenuous, held together by the thread of shared opportunity and necessary co-dependence. After his first full season post-injury, both Juventus and Chiesa have come to realize there is life beyond the contract they signed in 2020. Thiago Motta’s indications have pointed in the same direction.

Currently, without a renewal or even a temporary extension, separation seems the only path forward. Juventus has already secured a promise from Chiesa and his agent, Fali Ramadani, that he will not leave on a free transfer. Naturally, the club will work to find a solution that satisfies the player without forcing the issue, as it wouldn’t benefit anyone. Despite Chiesa’s substantial earnings of around 5 million euros and a starting price tag of 40 million euros, he is seen as a real opportunity for teams like Napoli and Roma, who are currently still in the early stages of expressing interest.


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