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Fagioli agent: ‘Nicolò has shown class and talent’


The agent of Juventus midfielder Nicolo Fagioli believes he can adapt his role to the needs of the coach as the youngster has show ‘class and talent’. The 21-year-old scored a phenomenal solo goal at the weekend to help the Bianconeri earn a valuable 3 points against Lecce, earning praise from his teammates and coach.

Speaking to Radio Sportiva, his agent Andrea D’Amico discussed the players role and his immediate future at the club:

His role? Players do what the coaches tell them, Nicolò has had many and it seems to me that they worked well, both in Turin and Cremona.

Allegri’s words about his position on the field? A somewhat decontextualized statement, at that moment it was not needed. In general the adaptation must be mutual, both the coach using the players in the best way as well as the players who must adapt.

If a young player shows some class and can improve, it is right to be able to invest and work on him. Nicolò has shown class and talent, with a heavy jersey like the Juventus one, it is good news for the whole Italian setup and not only for Juventus.

Allegri was the first to praise Nicolò’s qualities, my hope is that they can continue to work together, in the interest of everyone and the team. These young players are an asset of Juventus, it’s nice to enhance them in the first team.

Whether it was the right choice to stay at Juventus? We waited a moment, calmly. It is useless to say what could have been or what will be, we have to be patient. Juventus gave him an important and long contract, the club values him, the coach then uses the players he considers best from time to time.”


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