Futuro Inter”: New Developments Expected by the End of February – Talks Intensify Regarding Club’s Financial Future


In a crucial period for Inter Milan’s corporate future, Steven Zhang faces the imminent expiration of the loan granted by Oaktree, set to conclude in May. Despite the looming deadline, Zhang is resolute in steering the club and actively seeks partners to refinance the operation. According to the latest reports from Corriere dello Sport (Via FCInter1908), clarity emerges amidst the financial complexities.

As of now, Suning, the Chinese ownership group, must not only repay the $275 million acquired three years ago but also settle the accrued interests to Oaktree, an American investment firm. The total amount surpasses a staggering $350 million. Zhang’s intent is explicit: find an additional financial institution willing to extend a new loan, facilitating the repayment to Oaktree and allowing more time for the financial restructuring.

The central challenge lies in negotiating favourable terms for the interests associated with this operation. Rumors suggest that discussions primarily involve American counterparts, yet the intricate nature of the talks poses a significant hurdle. Time is of the essence, with the May deadline fast approaching. Failure to meet the deadline would result in the club’s shares falling into the hands of Oaktree, which may seek a buyer for its acquired stake.

The potential refinancing of the loan cannot be left to the last minute. The process, if initiated, must commence well before the deadline. By the end of February, the scenarios and perspectives regarding Inter Milan’s financial future are expected to be considerably clearer, shaping the trajectory of the club in one way or another.


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