Galeone: ‘Do you think Inzaghi could have won the Scudetto with Juventus?’


Max Allegri’s mentor and friend Giovanni Galeone defended the coaches stint with Juventus: ‘Do you think Simone Inzaghi could have won the title with Juve?’. Galeone spoke with La Gazzetta dello Sport and shared his thoughts on Allegri’s dismissal, which was confirmed yesterday:

 “This farewell is more painful. His only fault is that he did too well in the first half of the season, creating illusions and external expectations. But do you think Simone Inzaghi would have won the Scudetto with Juventus’ squad? Max won the Coppa Italia, brought the team back to the Champions League, and launched many young players. All this despite the suspensions of Fagioli and Pogba, one who would have made a difference even in just 20 minutes per game. Max can only be blamed for the second half of the season, which in the end did not compromise the season’s goals set by the club.”

“Motta? I hear people say he is good with young players. Why hasn’t Allegri transformed Cambiaso, launched Yildiz, and improved Iling? Thiago Motta is good, and I am the first to acknowledge it, but he also has quite a character. He is more demanding than Max, we will see…”

“Allegri’s future? I hope to see him in the Premier League. Although my dream is different. It’s not a return to Milan; it’s Bayern Munich.”


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