Garcia: ‘Osimhen? What I said to him and to the team remains in the locker room’


Rudi Garcia is not happy with Napoli’s result as he saw his side draw 0-0 away to Bologna on Sunday. Victor Osimhen’s second-half penalty miss summed up the start to the season for the Partenopei since they are now without a Serie A win across their last three outings.

The 59-year-old head coach spoke to DAZN after the game and shared his thoughts on the performance of his team, Osimhen and the need to rotate the squad:

“The negative point is the result, because we didn’t win. But the boys’ performance is good, especially in the first half.”

“That’s football, the important thing is that the team played an interesting, serious game overall, even more in the first half. But we are not happy because we lack the goal and the victory.”

On Osimhen: “The missed penalty happens to the greatest players in the history of football. I obviously spoke to him more about his exit, but what I said to him and to the team remains in the locker room. It’s already positive that those who don’t exit are not happy. I may not be happy with their performance, but we are a squad with many players and therefore obviously everyone must be used. He is the penalty taker.”

“He and Kvara both did well, but we also have a lot of quality in the squad and on the bench. Do I hug Kvara? I hug all the players, so obviously him too. We obviously have the three who came in, Simeone, Politano and Elmas. So when we have so much quality like this it’s not like we play every 90 minute match with the same men, especially because we play again in 3 days.”

“We play 4 matches in 9 days, the players know it: there is the team that starts, the one that continues in the second half and the one that ends. You won’t go anywhere if the coach doesn’t count on all his players.”