Gasperini emerges as strong candidate for Napoli


Gian Piero Gasperini has reappeared as a serious contender to take over the helm at Napoli starting from the upcoming season. He has long been admired by Partenopei president Aurelio De Laurentiis, who approached him 13 years ago with a lucrative contract offer.

Il Corriere dello Sport report (via CN24) on Gasperini’s potential move to Napoli, highlighting key insights:

“De Laurentiis’ infamous casting, now a summer classic akin to Christmas comedies, has recently rediscovered a distinguished candidate, a man of character, the director of an aggressive, total, spectacular, and pragmatic style of football, always true to himself: Gian Piero Gasperini. An old passion, a 66-year-old coach seduced and abandoned in 2011: there’s a sense of rupture with Mazzarri, and De Laurentiis is banking on Gasperini, presenting him with a contract, securing him at his home, it’s a done deal. Until the sudden peace with Walter. Thirteen years later, here we are again: Mister Atalanta is also on the list for rejuvenation. With both Italian and international appeal, regardless of the show against Liverpool: Gasperini has a history, having already defeated the Reds, and he’s the only Italian to have done so twice at Anfield. Moreover, he’s a coach who believes in young talent and improves everyone, and he’s the man who launched Koopmeiners and even Ederson, two midfielders who have long caught Napoli’s eye.”



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