Gasperini: ‘I left Zapata free to decide his future’


Atalanta coach Gian Piero Gasperini says Duvan Zapata is doing well, despite the doubts over his future and the links with Premier League side Fulham.  La Dea travel to Rome to face newly promoted Frosinone tomorrow afternoon, and speaking in his pre-match presser, the Atalanta boss spoke about how impressed he was with his new signings, and confirmed that he has left Zapata to make whatever decision he likes for his future:

“How is Zapata? He is very well, many things have been said that are not true these days. I had already expressed myself at the beginning of the week, I left the player free to decide, as is right. I never put any veto on anyone, if it didn’t go through, it was for other reasons. He is fine physically, so he is available.”

What has impressed you about De Ketelaere?

“There are many positive things, but also things that need to be worked on. The goal on his debut ignited the attention on him too much in my opinion. We know the qualities of the player well. He has all the confidence, it is a negotiation that went on for a long time, we lost a few weeks, but we will find it again as we go along.”

Can De Ketelaere and Scamacca play from the start?

“There’s also Muriel, he has seen little playing time but he is fine. There are players who are in better condition: Scamacca and De Ketelaere are not in their best condition, but there is no doubt about their qualities. The attack department is not only about the two of them, but there are also Zapata and Muriel. In a long season it is essential to have five strikers for two roles.”

What kind of competition does he expect tomorrow?

“As seen with Frosinone v Napoli it will be difficult, they are an enthusiastic side fresh from promotion, we go to play Frosinone with great attention. I think the gap has narrowed anyway.”

What kind of championship do you expect?

“It will be a very balanced championship, the values between the last and the ones in the middle have shortened a lot, at the same time I think the big clubs like Inter, Juventus and Milan have strengthened a lot.”

On Friday there will be the Europa League group draw.

“It’s a great feeling, there are really strong teams this year. Next week there will be the draws and it will become clear which group we will be in, we are very much counting on playing this competition, there is really a lot of attention on our part. We will face it very carefully.”

What is expected from the market?

“So many names have been mentioned. Fortunately the market will end on Friday at 8 p.m., I will open a nice bottle to celebrate (laughs, ed.). The dates are bogus, they distract the players, the agents, you take attention away from the matches, I hope it ends soon.”

Will Toloi start again?

“Not yet, although he is fine. He might be available for part of the match, but with the five changes there are 16 players playing. Kolasinac? He did very well, he is a mature and established player, I hoped he could fit in right away and he did well, we got him to cover that role there.”

Musso or Carnesecchi?

“That’s another topic I’ve already expressed myself on, I think what has already been said is enough.”


“This year there is a special enthusiasm, people also feel this new season with great enthusiasm. It is very important that there is this environment, without having to push on who knows what dreams: this is a team that is renewing itself, there is an attempt to include new people in a solid group.”


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