Gasperini Praises Atalanta’s Convincing Win and Highlights Players’ Performances


Following a convincing victory against Udinese, Atalanta’s coach, Gian Piero Gasperini, expressed his satisfaction with the team’s performance in an interview with DAZN. La Dea took the lead through Aleksei Miranchuk befoe Gianluca Scamacca sealed the result just before half time, taking Atalanta to fourth in the table.

Gasperini specifically praised Charles De Ketelaere for his outstanding maturity, considering it a crucial factor for the team. “Charles De Ketelaere demonstrated impressive maturity. He has been a beacon for us, not only technically but also athletically,” stated the Inter coach. “Undoubtedly, this was his best game in our jersey. His ability to be a reliable reference on the field was fundamental.”

Gasperini continued by highlighting the team’s rising level and the impact of key absences: “Despite some important absences, the team showed excellent play, especially in the first half. It was a challenging match given Udinese’s technical and physical nature, but we managed to impose our game.”

Delving into the match analysis, the coach said, “We closed the first half showing great strength. The team conveyed a sense of solidity that was decisive. In the second half, we managed the lead well, without conceding significant opportunities to the opponent.”

While acknowledging the team’s strengths, he pointed out areas for improvement: “We lost the ball a bit too much in possession, and that’s something we need to work on. But we must not forget the quality actions we built and could have been more clinical.”

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The coach emphasized the midfield’s strength, giving special mention to Kolasinac: “Our compactness in defense and midfield is bearing fruit, especially in the non-possession phase. Kolasinac made an excellent contribution, and we are seeing significant progress on the wings.”

Regarding Gianluca Scamacca, Gasperini stated, “Scamacca played well. He is working with the right attitude, and I am confident he will continue to grow.”

Highlighting the team’s evolution, he expressed the intention to have a strong second half of the season: “We have had a nice evolution, and we intend to have a good second half. The conditions are there with this spirit. In the second half, we managed; we can do a bit better, but we are in a growing phase.”

In response to questions about goal-scoring opportunities, Gasperini emphasized strategic attacking against closed defensive setups: “When playing against closed teams, we know we have to attack certain spaces. In the first leg, we played too often in the center. It’s clear that when you have to take control against quality teams, you take some risks, but you have to attack very well. If you defend as a team, you must attack as a team.”

Regarding Scamacca’s performance, Gasperini commented, “I don’t know about his celebration; I was celebrating on the other side. Perhaps he was upset about the previous action, but he should celebrate a lot because he had a good game and was consistently dangerous. I liked it; he has improved even in dynamism.”

On De Ketelaere, Gasperini concluded, “Today was the best game he has played for continuity. He has the confidence of his teammates when they pass him the ball, loses it much less, and is often decisive. If he continues to grow in this way, the entire attack benefits.”


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