Gazzetta: Juventus make final two-year contract offer to Adrien Rabiot


As Adrien Rabiot enters the last month of his contract with Juventus, negotiations continue, but a resolution has yet to be reached. However, hope remains alive at Continassa, with the club determined to keep talks alive until the end, even attempting to entice the Frenchman with a longer contract.

According to reports from Gazzetta dello Sport, there is a willingness to propose an agreement extending until 2026 with an option for the following season (2027), offering Rabiot a salary akin to his current one (€7.5 million plus bonuses). This proposal is made possible by the extension of tax benefits under the growth decree, from which the player could still technically benefit. While significant, this offer has not yet sealed the deal.

The newspaper claims that Veronique Rabiot, Adrien’s mother and agent, has taken note of the proposal, and together with her son, they will think over the proposal. While Rabiot’s heart leans towards strengthening his bond with Juventus, the allure of foreign clubs, including Bayern and English clubs, is undeniable.

Club director Cristiano Giuntoli, naturally optimistic, remains hopeful, and there’s a sense that Adrien’s response could come as early as the weekend, allowing him to begin his journey with Didier Deschamps’ national team with a clearer mind.


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