Genoa director: ‘Fabio Miretti is a target for us’


Genoa sporting director Marco Ottolini confirmed some of the Rossoblù’s strategies for the summer, including targeting Juventus midfielder Fabio Miretti. Speaking with local newspaper Il Secolo XIX, Ottolini  touched on some of the clubs objectives for the coming months, as well as the success of coach Alberto Gilardino:

Where does the idea of confirming Gilardino come from?

“It stems from the desire to provide continuity, focusing on a young coach with clear ideas. Bringing him from the Primavera to the first team turned out to be a successful choice, a calculated risk that paid off. He deserved the renewal; the willingness to move forward was there from both sides. Over these months, we have outlined a common strategy, defined a unity of purpose, especially when we will have to face difficulties together.”

How is the team building progressing?

“At the back, with the arrival of Marcandalli, we are in good shape; in midfield, we have 5 midfielders under contract, and upfront, we are also well-positioned. Then we will see what happens in the transfer market.”

Will there be any departures?

“There will come a time when perhaps we can retain all the players; it’s not that time yet. We need to support the players’ growth path, and I believe that when an offer arrives, it should be considered. Then the club will make its evaluations.”

Spence and Vitinha?

“We are talking to the clubs and the players; the idea is to keep them here. Spence has Champions League quality and untapped potential. Vitinha needs a season to relaunch himself, and Genoa is the right place to do it.”


“I know Fabio Miretti very well, since he was in the Juventus Youth Sector. He is a target for us.”



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