Genoa President Alberto Zangrillo Speaks on Club Success, Gilardino’s Impact, and Tackling Racism


Genoa president Alberto Zangrillo spoke about the success the club has enjoyed this while also explaining the reasons for the sale of Radu Dragusin: “A necessary and shared choice.” The Rossoblù are on an unbeaten six match streak, having taken points off Juventus, Inter and Bologna already this season. Speaking with La Gazzetta dello Sport, Zangrillo heralded the work of coach Alberto Gilardino and the support of the fans, while also touching on the ugly issue of racism in Italian football:

“The fans thank us with an overwhelming response that we commit to reciprocate by doing our best. The good results we are achieving are not random but the result of sacrifice, commitment, and planning. Passion, fun, and Genoan pride.”

“I am happy with this experience because it confirms one of my fundamental principles: things go well when you work with enjoyment and keep your commitments. The ownership has shown great respect for our history and culture, which was the basis for my personal involvement. I am appreciating their approach to football, combining passion with planning.”

*After 21 matchdays, the Rossoblu club occupies the eleventh position in the league. The best of the first half? The president’s response: “I say Gilardino: he has shown he knows how to influence individuals, creating a fantastic group.”

“The sale of Dragusin? It was a necessary, thoughtful, and shared choice by all those who have the responsibility of the central objective: the growth of the club on the national stage. We would have done a disservice to the club and to him by not accepting Tottenham’s proposal.”

“We are the country where refereeing is discussed the most in the world. I, too, have been angry at times for decisions I did not agree with. But one thing is discussing errors and seeking remedies to reduce them, another is bombarding the foundations of the system. This is an unacceptable attitude. If we continually discredit our product, how can we expect to sell it at its best?”

“Maignan? I can’t wait to embrace Mike, with whom I also had a misunderstanding due to a spontaneous comment on a play in the Genoa-Milan match. But I respect the man who, in Udine, showed courage and sent an important signal that we have a duty to grasp. We must not lower our guard in the face of incidents born out of a lack of culture and serious mental degradation. Sanctions must be exemplary but targeted, they cannot hit those who have nothing to do with it. We must punish the guilty but banish every hypocritical, useless, speculative reaction.”


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