Gilardino: “Genoa Must Continue to Dream and Play with Great Spirit of Sacrifice and Humility”


Ahead of the crucial clash with Inter, Genoa’s head coach, Alberto Gilardino, emphasized the importance of maintaining a positive mindset and fighting spirit as his team prepares for a challenging encounter against the Nerazzurri. The Grifone travel to San Siro with a mammoth task ahead of them, but Gilardino believes his players must show determination throughout if they are to have hopes of a positive outcome:

“We must continue to dream and interpret the games with great spirit of sacrifice and humility,” Gilardino remarked during a press conference. “Remaining engaged in the match through our attitude and performance. The boys deserve a game like this for the journey they have been on. Inter is one of the top teams in Europe, and credit goes to Inzaghi and Inter for what they have achieved and demonstrated over the years and this season.”

Gilardino acknowledged the magnitude of the task at hand but urged his team to face it with determination and resilience. “We must concentrate and be determined in the game, even in moments of difficulty. We need to think about interpreting the game in the right way from an attitude standpoint. There will be more games in the match, and we must be good at playing them, knowing the great quality of the team and the fantastic moment they are going through but aware of the journey the boys are on.”

Addressing the squad’s objectives, Gilardino stressed the importance of securing points and performing well. “We need to collect points and be strong. Our goal is to do our best; there is still no certainty, and we must earn points to reach the first step of 40 points.”

Reflecting on Inter’s strengths, Gilardino praised the team’s cohesive play and Inzaghi’s managerial prowess. “Inter is an incredible team both in terms of personnel and tactical ideas. Their spirit and sacrifice are sensations that a coach stimulates and works on, beyond the tactical aspect. They have managed to mold themselves this season based on the players they have on the field, and Inzaghi has been successful in giving a precise identity to this Inter.”

When asked about his coaching philosophy, Gilardino emphasized hard work and determination as the keys to success. “Work, work, and work. It reflects the will I try to convey to the team and motivates the staff to overcome any limits we may have with our attitude and perseverance in daily work. This makes me happy, but it’s not enough because we have the desire to show and do well.”

Regarding player contracts, Gilardino expressed satisfaction with the commitment shown by many players in extending their contracts. “I am happy that many players are extending their contracts because it means there is a willingness on the part of the club to keep a group of players, to grow, and on the part of the players to stay. We must continue to work for their growth.”

In terms of Inter’s weaknesses, Gilardino acknowledged the challenge posed by their formidable lineup but emphasized the importance of courage and resilience. “At present, they have shown they have none. We need to have courage and resilience when we don’t have the ball and great personality when we do.”

When asked about former players transitioning to coaching roles, Gilardino dismissed stereotypes and emphasized the importance of dedication and growth. “I believe it means little or nothing. It was said that defenders or midfielders were more ready than attackers to become coaches. Then it was shown not to be the case. When one studies, makes mistakes, and grows, they can do this job.”

In conclusion, Gilardino addressed controversies surrounding refereeing decisions, urging focus on the team’s performance rather than dwelling on officiating errors. “How many are there? Referee, assistants, fourth official, VAR. Do we need more? No. We are human and make mistakes. I don’t want to dwell on it, and I have to think about my team,” Gilardino concluded.


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