Giuntoli: ‘Vlahovic is not for sale’


Juventus club Football Director Cristiano Giuntoli dimissed rumours linking Dusan Vlahovic with Arsenal: “He’s not for sale”. The Bianconeri boss took time out to speak with SportMediaset ahead of Juve’s 6-1 win over Salernitana and gave a quick update on the clubs agenda for the January transfer window:

“Arsenal’s offer for Vlahovic? We know nothing about it. He’s not on the market, so we have little interest in him.”

“Terracciano? At this moment there are no correct possibilities from a technical and economic point of view, so we’ll stay like this. Felipe Anderson? The same thing’.

“Rabiot? We look for a strong relationship with our players and their entourage and this relationship is also there with Rabiot. We are very confident, let’s see. We talk about it then at the end, as it happened last year. We are very happy and confident to stay together.”

“Numerical problems? I wouldn’t say so. We have many guys who have found little space but are very strong like Iling, Nicolussi Caviglia, Miretti… We have a good squad numerically and the coach is very happy. He is doing great things together with the team and his staff, we are happy and we must continue like this. Phillips and Højbjerg? At the moment there are no right opportunities, neither tactically nor economically.”


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