Gleison Bremer – Scouting report by J Analyst


The following is a scouting report of Juventus defender Gleison Bremer by J Analyst – please follow him here on Twitter.

Gleison Bremer

  • Positions: Center Back – Left Fullback – Right Fullback
  • Preferred Foot: Right – Strong weaker foot.
  • Age: 25
  • Height: 188cm – 83kg
  • Nation eligible: Brazil – Italy


Brazilian central defender who goes by the nickname Bremer, plays for the Italian club Juventus (footage and scouting from his time at Torino). Bremer began his senior career with Brazilian club, Deportivo Brazil in 2016 before switching to Atletico Mineirão in 2017. He was subsequently sold in a €5 million deal to Torino and even though their recent seasons haven’t been particularly successful, Bremer has been one of the highlights, winning the Serie A defender award 2021-22. The Brazilian has since secured a move for the Italian giant Juventus for a  €41 million which includes €9 million in adds on.

Players strong attributes

  • Technicality : Aerial duels & One v One
  • Physicality: Body strength, jumping, mobility & pace
  • Tactical awareness: Reading the game & covering
  • Mentality: Aggression & bravery

In possession (Short passes)

When it comes to spotting line-breaking passes into players in advanced zones,  as a ball-playing centre-back, Bremer shines. He keeps his head up and looks ahead with the ball at his feet while also having the ability to play with both feet, he strives to play progressive passes with speed.




Bremer 2

Provide depth to play long passes:

Bremer always drops deeper than his teammates to provide depth; Having depth allows him to have the time and the space to play long passes diagonally to the flanks or the half-spaces. Also, due his ability to play with both feet, he can play long passes using his weaker foot as well, passing the ball with accuracy and having the right weight.

Bremer 3

Bremer 4

Enthusiasm in attacking phases:

The versatility of Bremer’s skillset is his more notable asset. He possesses exceptional sprinting speed and acceleration thanks to his athletic prowess, which he can use to his advantage in a variety of ways. In attacking phases, he may move the ball ahead by using his acceleration, which makes him dribble opponents with greater ease.

Bremer 5


Bremer 6

Defensive traits:

Good defensive awareness and traits, such as tackling, interceptions, blocks, applying pressure and clearances are the most crucial qualities for a defender and Bremer possess them all. Stats reveal that Bremer had one of the finest defensive records in Serie A last year. []

Bremer 7

Reading the game and interceptions:

Bremer had 168 tackles and interceptions which led to the ball being recovered after the tackle which shows his ability to read the opposition while also possessing a very calm and composed demeanor in tough moments.


During defensive transitions, Bonucci was average because he was unable to keep up with the players and quickly shut out the space in-behind. Gaps in coverage on his side of the field are no longer an issue thanks to Bremer’s pace and good reading of the game. Bremer can swiftly move across to cover there are any holes in this phase of the game. The ball recovery map shown in video below highlights that many recoveries occur in open areas that opposing forwards would target.

Tackling, blocking and clearances:

To have 86 blocks in one season is a superb number for a defender. He almost got 30% blocks more than the previous season (60) while he also has one of the highest number of blocks in all of the top leagues in Europe.

Aerial duels:

Bremer is one of the taller players who has an advantage in aerial duels (188cm and above) and he also has a very high percentage success rate in aerial duels.


Juventus have lost their defensive solidity since 2019. Signing Bremer and Di Maria will allow the Bianconeri to retain the possession more in the final third. He embodies everything that is needed for a possession-based team who like to get the ball into the final third and provide the covering needed when it comes to playing long balls behind the defensive line. Having Bonucci and Bremer together is great partnership as they complete each other in both the defensive and offensive phases.

He is a also a perfect fit for the defensive system that coach Max Allegri likes to play (Man-Oriented Zonal-Marking ) and Bremer can shine in it; He has the technical and tactical skills to play well in a modern man-marking base system as he used to do with Juric’s Torino. He had the potential to enhance his tactical skills with Allegri and to learn how to defend in a Zonal-Marking system, learning both tactical defending systems which will inevitably help to become an elite defender.

Personal ratings

  • Defensive abilities: 9/10
  • Work rate ethics and mentality: 9/10
  • Passing Offensive Contributions: 7/10
  • Aerial duels: 9/10
  • Physicality and pace: 8/10
  • In-game Intelligence: 9/10


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