Gravina: ‘Super League a worse response’


President of the Italian Football Federation Gabriele Gravina believes the Super League is a worse response to the economic problems of football. The Super League was touted last year but was met with a firm response from UEFA.

Gravina has also been vocal about his lack of faith in the project and shared his opinions once again during the Rai Gr Parliament program:

“From an economic-financial point of view. we have very serious problems and someone thinks that Super League is the solution, instead, it is the worst answer.

The real problem of football is not the lack of financial resources, but the use of them. You have to overcome an outdated format, enhance the brand, look for new projects and instead you choose the shortest way, going in search of new resources that could even mark the failure of football, because in reality, management costs must be brought under control.

I appeal to common sense, to the ability of these entrepreneurs to put aside this bankrupt idea, useless and harmful, focusing instead on making a contribution to football in other respects.”


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