Gravina: ‘The Sports minister is working on phasing out the growth decree’


FIGC president  Gabriele Gravina confirmed that the Italian government are working on phasing out the Growth Decree. The tax cut has provided benefits to Serie A clubs, allowing them to attract overseas players to join them and pay a lower rate of tax, compared to the almost 50% that was in place previously.

Speaking at post-council press conference. Gravina confirmed that the Italian government are working to gradually phase out the tax break:

“Growth decree? My interlocutor is the Minister for Sport whom I saw on Monday, he spoke to me about a gradual elimination of the rule. He is working on this and we are waiting for indications from him and the proposals within the Council of Ministers.”

“I have expressed from the first moment an absolute opposition to the growth decree. Today, however, we must take into account that it has generated effects and the absolute elimination of this would create effects contrary to the advantages and benefits compared to the repeal. With Assocalciatori and professional components we want to confront each other to find a mediation. The ceiling of one million euro has generated some positive effects, but we still need to look into it.”

‘Internships for the national team? We have started talking about it with Serie A, I have found no resistance. We do not conceive of our internships as being linked to physical activity, but as a way to allow the coach to have the players available at least a couple of times, between January and February, therefore before the friendly matches in March and the two friendly matches in June, to compare notes and also to keep alive that ability to feel proud to nurture enthusiasm for the Azzurri shirt. I believe we will find a compromise.”


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