Gravina: ‘The Super Cup being played in Saudi Arabia was a Lega Serie A decision’


FIGC president Gabriele Gravina says the decision to host the Super Cup in Saudi Arabia was a decision made by the Lega Serie A. Gravina was speaking in a interview with Foglio Sportivo and addressed various league reforms and the new format of the Super Cup, which is set to kick off in the coming weeks:

“2024 will be the year of reform. The path is marked out. I am not talking about that of the championships, which is a consequence, I am referring to the new rules of our ‘being together'”

“Growth decree? We have always believed that it was the wrong instrument to guarantee economic benefits to professional clubs, with Minister Abodi we are sharing all the dossiers.”

“With the exception of the failed qualification for the 2022 World Cup, we have achieved extraordinary goals, starting from the European Championship won in London in 2021 to the continental success of the Under-19 team and the silver medal won by the Under-20 team.”

“Super Cup in Arabia? A decision of the Lega Serie A, which acted in total autonomy with the aim of enhancing its brand”.

“Roberto Mancini? We met and greeted each other. Roberto however represents the past, with Spalletti in the national team we have already written a beautiful page of Azzurri history.”


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