Handanovic: “Donnarumma among the best, but let me tell you about Vicario…”


Former Inter Milan  Samir Handanovic recently shared his thoughts on the goalkeepers representing Italy at the European Championships during an interview with Sky Sport. Handanovic praised Gianluigi Donnarumma, highlighting his potential and current prowess, but also emphasized the abilities of Guglielmo Vicario:

“Donnarumma? He is definitely one of the strongest goalkeepers in the tournament and has great potential for improvement. I congratulate him,” Handanovic said. “But let me tell you, Vicario is also very strong. Both goalkeepers for the national team are on very similar levels,” added the former Inter number one.

Handanovic also commented on the Italian national team’s overall performance and the importance of experience in high-stakes matches. “It’s up to them to measure up at this level. These are all players who have played many matches in the Champions League and domestic leagues. Sometimes, a defeat can make you reflect on many things. It’s not necessarily a negative; there’s always something positive to take from a loss,” he explained.

The debate over who should be Italy’s first-choice goalkeeper has been ongoing, with Donnarumma often seen as the natural successor to Gianluigi Buffon. However, Vicario’s performances have not gone unnoticed, and Handanovic’s endorsement adds weight to the argument that Italy has a wealth of talent in the goalkeeping department.


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