Ibrahimovic Discusses Milan Futuro and Youth Development at Milanello


Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Senior Advisor to RedBird for Milan, spoke at a press conference earlier today where he discussed the club’s ambitious new project: Milan Futuro. Ibrahimovic, alongside Daniele Bonera, the newly appointed coach of Milan Futuro, shared insights into this innovative approach aimed at bridging the gap between the club’s youth teams and the First Team.

Introduction of Milan Futuro

Zlatan Ibrahimovic opened the presentation, stating, “We have officially announced Milan Futuro. We want our young talents to have a clear pathway to the First Team. Previously, there was too much distance between the Primavera and the First Team. With Milan Futuro, these players will have more time to grow. Playing in Serie C against adults is a crucial step. It’s a different level, preparing them for the physical and mental challenges of top-tier football.”

He emphasized the necessity of creating an environment where young players can mature both as athletes and individuals. “Milan Futuro will focus on individual training, aiming to improve and turn these young players into men. Representing Milan comes with significant responsibility, and discipline is essential,” Ibrahimovic asserted.

Bridging the Gap Between Youth and First Team

Ibrahimovic highlighted the strategic placement of Milan Futuro. “Moving the Primavera to Vismara for training creates the motivation for players to aspire to the First Team. Milan Futuro stands in between, where our top talents can develop further. It’s not just about talent; it’s about finding profiles that embody Milan’s values. Coach Fonseca is fearless in giving young talents opportunities, but we must balance youth with experience to ensure we remain competitive.”

He introduced Kirovski as the person in charge of Milan Futuro’s development, praising his extensive experience and the value he brings from his tenure with the LA Galaxy. “Kirovski will manage the academy’s growth and market activities, ensuring alignment with our ambitions and vision,” Ibrahimovic said.

The Role of Daniele Bonera

Discussing Daniele Bonera’s role, Ibrahimovic remarked, “Bonera has great experience as a player and has been a part of Pioli’s staff. His relationship with young players and his openness make him the perfect fit. There’s no ego involved; he’s dynamic and ready to communicate effectively with the First Team.”

Ibrahimovic also discussed the importance of selecting coaches focused on player development rather than immediate results. “The merit of a coach is seen when young players reach the First Team. We welcome Daniele Bonera, confident in his ability to foster this growth.”

Naming Milan Futuro

The choice of the name ‘Milan Futuro’ was deliberate. “We wanted a name that sends a global message. Whoever joins Milan Futuro is the future of Milan. It has credibility and resonates well in both Italian and English,” Ibrahimovic explained.

Responsibilities Towards Italian Football

Ibrahimovic acknowledged the broader impact on Italian football, stating, “This project is beneficial for Italian football. We must improve Italian talent with an international mix. The national team’s performance at the Euros showed the need for better individual talent. This project aims to enhance that.”

Developmental Steps for Players

Regarding young talents like Camarda, Ibrahimovic was realistic yet supportive. “Everyone thinks it will be easy, but it won’t be. Our responsibility is to protect and develop him step by step. He needs game time to grow, whether it’s in Milan Futuro, Primavera, or U18. Milan Futuro will have 22-23 players, ensuring everyone gets playing time.”

Ibrahimovic confirmed his push for youth development when he took on his role. “I’ve been advocating for a top-level academy. This isn’t just for us; it’s for all of Italian football. Having players ready for the First Team is crucial.”

Strategic Objectives and Future Prospects

Addressing questions about the immediate objectives, Ibrahimovic emphasized, “The goal is to prepare talents for the First Team by giving them time to grow in a competitive adult league. Serie C’s physicality will be a significant challenge. We expect struggles initially but foresee growth in the latter half of the season.”

Regarding the potential signing of a new striker, he clarified, “Camarda will compete once he’s ready. The mentality should always be to compete for a First Team spot.”


Ibrahimovic concluded with a positive outlook, acknowledging the collective effort required for success. “Cardinale and I discuss daily. He supports our ideas and aims for results. Milan Futuro is a crucial part of our strategy to bring innovation to the club. It’s challenging but manageable. Together with Bonera, we’re committed to pushing this project forward.”


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