Ibrahimovic: ‘I couldn’t refuse Cardinale’s offer, It’s going well at Milan’


Zlatan Ibrahimovic opened up about his return to Milan last year, having been appointed in a new role as consultant to owner Gerry Cardinale. Speaking on Anas Bukhash’s podcast ABTalks (via CM), the former Rossoneri striker shared his thoughts not only on his professional role but also on personal matters, including his relationship with his family and his late agent Mino Raiola, who passed away in 2022:

“I’m fine, life is beautiful, I take care of myself. Obviously, I stopped playing football eight months ago, now I have a different life. It was difficult for me to stop playing football because of my ego, because of what I think of myself. I think I’m the best, I’m still the best, but I chose to stop. Why? I want a good life for my family. I wanted to be able to do things with my children. If I had continued, I wouldn’t have been able to do things with my children because I had problems with one knee. So, I accepted it, I came to a point where I said ‘okay, forget it and start a new chapter in your life.'”

In his new role, Ibrahimovic returned to Milan last December, but in a completely different capacity. Explaining his role on the ABTalks podcast, he stated, “Cardinale made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. I started working with Milan, and I’ve been with Milan for three or four months, and it’s going well, I must say.” In recent months, particularly during a forum in London organized by the Financial Times, Gerry Cardinale described Ibra as his proxy, a trusted individual authorized to handle all matters concerning Milan’s daily operations, especially focusing on the sports sector, where his opinion is highly valued by the ownership.

Ibrahimovic also reflected on the memory of Mino Raiola, saying, “When he passed away, it was a tough blow for me. I cried a lot. And it’s not over yet because sometimes I get flashbacks. I miss him too much. Anyone who knows me and him understands how close we were. If I could send him a message? I miss you.”


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