San Siro

Inter and Milan incur €160,000 expense for loose concrete at San Siro


Both Inter and AC Milan will incur an expense of €160,000 for the installation of a containment network at the third ring of the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, following the detachment of pieces of concrete. Italian news site Calcio e Finanza report that ‘following a technical inspection for the verification of products at the height of the entire perimeter of the third ring, SCE PROJECT has drawn up a technical analysis regarding the phenomena of degradation detected and transmitted.’:

In particular, they noted that in recent periods there had been lesions and detachments of portions of iron cover from such reinforced concrete elements due to the corrosion of the reinforcements and that the portions at the stage of detachment had already been promptly removed and the reinforcements had been brushed and passivated. For the restoration of all the elements and the remediation of all the injured and / or detachment parts and the safety, the company proposed a technical solution through a waterproof shave complete with fiberglass mesh and the laying of a tear-drop profile, assuming an expense of about € 40,000,00.”

“The proposal was shared during the technical college of 3 August 2023 and the final design is currently underway. By email dated October 16, 2023, the contact person of the Politecnico di Milano, announced that, during the annual verification of the tops of the headboards of the mooring cables of the third ring, it had  detected the presence of some cracks caused by the corrosion of the irons, also present on the parapets of the towers. With the communication of 18 October 2023, the Concessionaires sent the request for the convening of the Technical College for the treatment of the theme of concrete/indk 2 and 3rd ring”.

The total cost of the intervention approved by the Municipality of Milan for the installation of the fall-prone network amounts to a total of €160,700.01, which will subsequently be deducted from the annual rent paid by both Inter and Milan.”


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