Inter Milan president Steven Zhang close to Pimco financing deal


Inter are on the verge of finalizing a crucial agreement with the Pimco fund for financing, which would effectively close the Oaktree loan set to expire on May 20th. The deal is expected to be sealed between May 15th and 17th, marking significant progress in the club’s corporate matters.

Sky Sport Italia report that as an important deadline approaches for Inter, President Steven Zhang is set to sign an agreement with the American fund Pimco for a three-year financing deal worth €420-430 million. While the negotiation is not yet concluded, the deal seems on course to being completed. Barring surprises, everything should be resolved between May 15th and 17th, allowing Zhang to settle the previous €275 million loan plus interest from Oaktree, which is due to expire on May 20th.

Failure to repay this sum could empower Oaktree to execute the pledge and redeem the president’s shares, effectively becoming the owner of the club. However, this scenario appears increasingly unlikely given the progress in the deal with Pimco, poised to replace Oaktree alongside President Zhang.

The impending agreement with Pimco signifies a pivotal step for Inter Milan, providing stability and financial support crucial for the club’s future endeavors.


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