Inzaghi: ‘For me, Candreva should be in the Azzurri team’


Pippo Inzaghi believes Andrea Candreva should be in the national team following his winner in Salernitana’s 2-1 victory over Lazio. The Granata fought back after going behind to a Ciro Immobile penalty, with Grīgorīs Kastanos brining back to 1-1 before Candreva scored a sensational winner. Speaking in the post-match, Inzaghi praised his team for their character in a tough fixture:

Mister… at last!

“Yes. I’m very happy for the boys. A great game today, as a group. We dragged the people, I’m happy for the president and the sporting director. It was a joy we deserved, I felt this success was coming. With Sassuolo we came close, today we carved out a day we needed. We did nothing, let’s be clear, but I remain convinced that results come when you train well. And we work well.

Lazio’s penalty was much discussed, do you agree?

“That penalty could have killed anyone but us. We hadn’t conceded a shot on goal, we had hit a crossbar but whoever trains like that could absolutely overturn it. Already at the end of the first half I congratulated the boys. I have to congratulate those who took over, those who stayed on the bench but were on the line with me to give them a boost. Incidents? We’re not very lucky, but winning it like this goes beyond the penalty they gave Lazio”.

Great Kastanos today…

“I have a great relationship with everyone. When I have to keep someone out I feel bad, until this morning I had 3-4 doubts. Candreva and Kastanos did well, but I would also like to mention Bronn. He had never played before, did you see the energy he came in with? I had been saying for weeks that the air had changed, but if you don’t win they sound like phrases. We finally did it.

Lots of hugs at the end of the match and celebrations under the Curva Sud, do we start again from here?

“We have a great club and a great fanbase: two components that make us miss nothing. The Candreva seen today is a national team player. I’ve spoken to him a lot in this period, he was sad about Salernitana’s performance because he cares so much about them. I wanted them to take the field mentally free, today he and Kastanos gave ample proof. We can play better, in training I see things of quality that we reproduce in flashes on Sunday. May this victory unblock us in all respects.

Today the return to the three-man defence…

“In truth, in non-possession we were in four because Daniliuc came out on their half-back or on the outside, who started in a more central position. This team can play with three, with four, it doesn’t matter. We need compactness, as well as a great desire to win it. I hope that from today our heads will be a little lighter.

Why did you not bring on Cabral or Simy, preferring Bronn?

“Pirola asked me to change because he had cramps, I wanted to put in a forward to defend the ball. Candreva had spent so much, Ikwuemesi was extraordinary and I wanted to insert another striker. The course of the match prompted me to make other changes, Maggiore also came on well. He’s a boy I care about, an extraordinary footballer and I would like the public to become attached to him. He shielded so many balls, from today you’ll see a different player. Hearing ‘We want you like this’ at the end of the match marks the beginning of an important period. The calendar is tough, but if we are like this we can face anyone with our heads held high.”


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