Inzaghi: ‘I want an even stronger Inter side, I’ll renew soon’


Simone Inzaghi is aiming for an even stronger Inter side in the near future as talks of his contract renewal loom. Present in his hometown of Piacenza to receive an award following Inter’s Serie A triumph, Inzaghi reflected on his future plans (as quoted by Sportmediaset):

“We have two games left, then we will meet with the club for contract renewal discussions,” the former Lazio man said in front of the cameras. “Winning the league with five games to spare was fantastic, and the fans paid us a wonderful tribute. For next season, I want a strong Inter; we must always strive to improve. However, we know it won’t be easy. Our journey will be hard to replicate, but we all want things to continue in a positive direction.”

Inzaghi expressed pride in his achievements with the Nerazzurri: “Three years ago, when I arrived, the thought of winning six trophies and reaching a Champions League final was hard to imagine. But I had many hopes; I knew I would find a strong management team with very strong executives. Despite the difficulties, I knew they would build a competitive team. Together, we have achieved significant things, and it will always be etched in my memory.”

Pressed on the refinancing of the Nerazzurri club (with ongoing negotiations with Pimco), Inzaghi responded: “I have to be honest, we have always been calm. President Zhang has never let us down. His physical presence was absent this year, but weekly discussions never faltered,” he added. “He has always supported us; I have never had any problems with him.”


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