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Inzaghi: ‘It must become a habit for Inter to play in big games’


Simone Inzaghi believes it must become a habit to play in big games like the Super Cup and Coppa Italia final for a  ‘glorious club’ like Inter. The Nerazzurri clinched a place in the final of this seasons Coppa Italia with a 1-0 win over Juventus, meaning they could feature in the Super Coppa Italiana against Napoli later this year. It means Inter still have two cup competitions to compete for this season, a resounding reversal of fortune for Simone Inzaghi’s men, who looked to have tailed off at one point in the campaign. Speaking in his post-match presser (as quoted by FCInterNews), the coach pointed to the work and effort his team has put in to achieve results, and how his ‘politeness’ has benefited both Lazio and Inter:

Congratulations on the choices, one fact to point out: the Curva stood up twice to call your name.

“We work daily to experience evenings like this, we are on our way to a final and we know that we are missing the last step. We had a great night in front of our fans, we lost some points in the league but to be honest, in this Inter period our supporters have always been on our side.”

Inter scored early and never got into trouble: how did you achieve this balance?

“We are working on balance. I have to be honest, in these two days we worked well, we wanted such a night in front of the fans. The approach showed, we never conceded ground, we were always focused, the team strongly wanted the final. I got answers, now we have to keep giving them. We are in a final with full merit, we want to experience nights like this.”

Barella touched his flexor….

“In hot weather, he and Calhanoglu were fatigued. It looks like fatigue. The doctor reassured me, then 24 hours have to pass, but they should be there without a problem on Sunday.”

You have spoken of criticism suffered in recent months to which you have always responded politely, perhaps in recent times we have seen a ‘less polite’ Inzaghi?

“My politeness has done Lazio and Inter a lot of good, I must continue. Credit to the boys for this final, the fourth. We gave Inter the chance to participate in the Super Cup, it must become a habit to play these games for this glorious club.”


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