Inzaghi: “We Became Like Red Bull Through Hard Work”


Inter Milan head coach Simone Inzaghi says his team became like Red Bull through hard work, following their 2-1 win over Genoa. The Nerazzurri look firmly on course for the league title following yet another victory, and speaking with DAZN, Inzaghi analysed his teams performance, insisting that it’s taken hard work to get to this point:

“In thirty-three days, we’ve put 15 points between us and Juventus. But we must remain focused as we have two months of closely packed matches ahead. We have three games before the break, and we will prepare in the best possible way. I want to thank these guys; in 2024, they played twelve games in fifty days and won all twelve,” Inzaghi stated in an interview with Sky Sport.

Inzaghi continued to praise his players’ performances and their commitment to the team. “Frattesi showed maturity; he understood the importance of having players in good condition. He preferred not to risk it, and we’ll see if we can bring him to Bologna,” he added. Regarding Asllani, who played three matches in a week, Inzaghi emphasized his dedication and contribution to the team. “Frattesi and Calhanoglu, we hope they can recover for Bologna; the next three matches are very demanding.”

On the topic of refereeing, particularly a penalty incident, Inzaghi shared his perspective, highlighting the importance of supporting referees. “Tonight, I reached 300 Serie A matches; I have 400 with other competitions. I believe we are fortunate in Italy. However, something is going wrong now. We should help these referees; it will be a great step forward when we no longer ask who the referee and VAR are, and we go out on the field just to do our best.”

In conclusion, Inzaghi emphasized the team’s commitment to hard work. “We must continue to work as we are doing. The players know the objectives to achieve. Regarding rotations, I decide based on the pitch and training. Sanchez and Arnautovic? They are not a surprise; they have found players who are delivering great performances. I’ve heard comparisons to Red Bull. But Red Bull wasn’t like this in August; we became like this through hard work.”


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